Copyright Royalty Judges Publish Final Rates & Terms for Noncommercial Broadcasting of Copyrighted Works 2023-2027

Section 118 of the Copyright Act establishes a statutory license for the use of certain copyrighted works in noncommercial television and radio broadcasting. Copyright Royalty Judges conduct proceedings to determine the rates and terms for this license every five years, currently finalizing the agreements for the 2023-2027 period. Interested parties, including copyright owners and public broadcasting entities, can negotiate rates and terms either through individual agreements or by submitting joint proposals to the judges for approval. The Judges recently received negotiated rates and terms from several parties and have reviewed them for compliance with the law, ultimately adopting the proposed rates and terms as submitted. These rates and terms apply to the performance of musical compositions by public broadcasting entities for selected purposes and audiences. Further details and specific rates and terms can be found here.